What is vaping?
The act of using an electronic cigarette. WE VAPE!! WE DO NOT SMOKE!! Power is supplied to a heating element which vaporizes e-liquid and that vapor is taken into the lungs providing the sensation of smoking along with nicotine, if present, in the e-liquid.

How does it work?
Electronic cigarettes are made up of three primary components: a power supply, a holding system for the liquid, and a heating coil. The power supply provides power to the heating coil which heats or “vaporizes” the liquid into an aerosol which you breath in.

What is an atomizer?
The atomizer is the heating unit of the electronic cigarette. Usually metal wire wrapped around a core. It gets hot when electricity from the power source is applied and “vaporizes” the e-liquid. This is what generates the vapor. Atomizers come in different varieties such as tanks and drippers.

What is a mod?
Originally, a mod was a device created by an e-cig enthusiast looking for a better device than those mass produced. They wanted superior performance in battery life and vapor production, as well as build quality. The term “mod” is used loosely these days and sometimes means the device that houses the battery. 

What is resistance?
Resistance is futile. Sorry, couldn’t “resist”. Coils all have a resistance rating in Ohms. Lower resistance coils will typically get hotter faster, but they require more power from the device. This is popular in the enthusiast side of vaping. For now, let’s just work on laying the tobacco down!

What is wattage and why do I need to adjust it?
Think of the wattage adjustment like the volume control of your radio. As you increase it, the music gets louder and as you decrease it, it gets lower. In the case of an electronic cigarette, you’re increasing and decreasing the power to the heating coil. This will make the vape more intense and warmer or less intense and cooler. Just remember that if you go too high, things could begin to burn and if you go too low, you may not be satisfied. You will find wattage recommendations with all of the coils and tanks provided on this site.

What is “throat hit”?
Throat Hit (TH) is the sensation or “hit” felt in the back of the throat when inhaling vapor from the mouth into the lungs, and simulates the sensation of smoking a cigarette. TH is generated by many different factors including, but not limited to, the e-liquid’s nicotine level, the flavorings used, the VG/PG ratio used, quality of the ingredients used, the voltage applied to the heating element, the resistance of the heating element, etc. Generally, however, the higher the nicotine level, the greater the TH.

How much Nic do I need?
This really depends on how much you smoke. A 12mg liquid with many of the devices found here should be sufficient to make the transition from smoking to vaping. Some will need more, others will need less.

Why do I cough when I vape?
Some people experience this when they first begin vaping. It will typically subside with further use. You can also try 1) reducing your nicotine strength, or 2) reducing the power level on your device.  Don't let this deter you - it's a common reaction!

What is a coil?
You can think of the coil as the heating coil for your electronic cigarette. Generally, a piece of kanthal or stainless steel has been wrapped around some kind of wicking material that allows the e-liquid to get to the coil. Current flows through the coil, the coil gets hot, and vaporizes your e-liquid. You then vape happily. The coil should be replaced with use.

How often should I change my coil?
This will vary with different liquids, but a good rule of thumb to use is once per week or when it starts tasting bad.

How do I fill my tank?
Different tanks have different fill methods. Please refer to the information video for the tank you’re either interested in or have purchased.